is a microworking platform where you can perform small online tasks for small payments.

is an online Micro Jobs Marketplace Connects Workers around the world with Employers​ is a two way platform. Once you set up an account, you can both perform small tasks for money, or pay people to do micro-tasks for you.

For example, if you were keen to get more people to promote your CPA offers, Visit your website, clicking ads, follow your social media accounts, or to join the mailing list for your blog….etc, you could pay them to do so. helps individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns to increase sales, ranking, beter ranking, backlinks and much more…

Once you’ve verified your email address and logged in, you’ll see a wide range of tasks you can complete on

Workers can complete a Micro job in following campaign ( job ) Modes ( Worker’s Guideline )

All Jobs paid instantly as you marked satisfied by employer.

  1. USA / UK/ AU /CA campaign
    Only members from USA/ UK/ AU /CA countries will be allowed to do this job
  2. International
    All members from all countries around the world are allowed to do this job
  3. Limited Countries
    Employer have selected / restricted countries for do this job,members from mentioned countries will be able to do this job
  4. Hired Group
    Employer have selected members( workers ) from workers list,only those invited workers will be able to do this job
  5. Paid to Click
    All members (workers) can do this job .doesn’t required any proof to submit,worker just need to click on this job , visit and get paid instantly

Workers Post / Sell / Exchange – their Services / products at Free of Cost on site ( Worker’s Guideline )

  1. Start a Selling / Offer Campaign (free)
  2. Write a description of service / products / exchange
  3. Publish it instantly
  4. Get Orders from other members
  5. Deliver the Work
  6. Get Paid
  7. Withdraw Funds in Cash

This Service of free to All members
who want to offer their services or sell their products or offer something to other members

Employer can start any Campaign mode as requirements. ( Employer’s Guideline )

  1. USA / UK/ AU /CA campaign
    If you need workers from USA/ UK/ AU/ CA/ or only from USA.You can select this campaign.
    Workers from these countries will be able to complete your job and submit proof.
  2. International
    If you need workers around the work 7 from anywhere
    you can select this campaign,work done more faster with International workers.
  3. Selected / Limited Countries
    You can select your targeting countries (minimum 20) from a list of countries,workers from you selected countries will be allowed to do your work and submit proof.You can change the countries later also can increase workers
  4. Hired Group
    You can make a group of best workers by selecting best workers from MyCampaign –> Add workers to my group.
    You can select best workers by Country , By best Success-rate or by Best workers in your campaign category.
    Only hired workers will be notified and will be able to do the job,
    You can also change hired workers later or edit workers remove/ add more workers from edit jobmenu
  5. Paid to Click
    If you need visitors for your site or promoting any product?
    PTC campaign is the best choice to get visitors to your site or promote products.
    you will get the complete list of all visitors with IP address to verify.
    PTC Campaign doesn’t required to submit proof but only members who visit? will be paid

It’s fair to point out that the number of tasks on seems to have increased since my last look – the platform seems to be growing. This is good news for those who decide to give the site a try.

When I first looked at, my initial observations were positive. The jobs there for the taking all looked very simple – things like “Visit website and click once,”
and “Visit Facebook and Visit website.”

these tasks take seconds to completed. This, in essence, is what a lot of micro-working is like.

Follows, Likes and Comments: Other Jobs on​

Not all jobs on involve clicking website ads to earn the site’s owners shady money!

There’s also a lot along the lines of “upvote on Reddit,” “follow on Instagram,” or “sign up to this website.”

And Some of Jobs Paying More Than $1

viralat jobs Affiliate/Referrals Program ( Affiliate Guidlines ) operates a referral scheme. It pays you 5% of anything your referrals deposit (to have tasks done for them), and 5% of the value of tasks they do “in your downline.”
Member who refer a new members that signs up will receive a continue bonus as follows:

  1. You must use your referral link or banner code to invite friends or anyone.
  2. Refer one new member and you will receive $1 bonus and he will receive $1 Sign-up bonus.Your referral must complete one successful job ( Give $1 & Get $1)
  3. Your referral will continue deposit / doing jobs and earning , as its balance reaches $20. you will get bonus $1 (%5 from his Deposit/Earning for lifetime)
  4. Not ended here !! Every time when you referral balance reached $20 from (deposit and Tasks done) you will keep getting %5 from his Deposit/Earning every time for lifetime
  5. inviting only 10 Friends.Then you will never be Charged for any Withdraw & Deposit fees forever
  6. You will be able to see your all referred members with their current balance who signed up via your referral link.

Getting Paid by​

You can request a cashout from once you have a balance of $5. The payment options include PayPal, Skrill, and the LiteCoin cryptocurrency.